Friday, June 1, 2007

Unified IM network in Hungary - what would YOU say?

I'll have the oppurtinity to talk about 'Unified IM network in Hungary?' in a five-minute session on The Budapest New Technology June Meetup, which will be visited by nearly everyone who counts in the social media industry.

The excerpt of the presentation is:

Everyone knows GTalk; some may know, that is based on a standard protocol, jabber (XMPP). T-Online uses this for messenger in Freemail. The presentation would be a five minute summary of what is jabber, how one could start a service fast and simple, and what could we gain if we could make a unified network of this, and what problems could arise.

What would You, dear reader of mine say, if you'd be in my position?


  • There are 4 major players in Hungarian market, one of them is T-Online.
  • Privacy and security is not an issue (yet) in Hungary (people don't think of it too much, won't be profitable)
  • Nearly everyone has an MSN account (unfortunately), so we have to say what would happen if Jabber would be put under everyone's nose (in webmail and in... and in what?) Why would they switch if at all? Why would it be better?
  • Hot topics are: eventing (mainly twitter), and social networking*, in which monopoly could be broked also
  • Internet penetration is about 34-38%, mobile penetration is above 100%, although mobile internet/wap is rarely used (or it's used by the 60% rest who does not use internet)

So, what would you say?

* (we have some social network sites, most popular is property of T-Online, called iWiW (Who-is-Who?). Although it's not very customisable, when someone logs in, basically could reach everyone's data: name, location, about myself, reach addresses (e-mail only shown for 'friends' by default), 10 MB worth of pictures, one embedded video from youtube; mostly used features are pictures, searching; average connections is about 300-400 per user)


frankps said...


I have two-three suggestions for you to show:

1. Perhaps a localized version of Google Talk could be something? It's quite easy to translate it:

My translation of Google Talk to Norwegian bokmål

2. Fring: As you mentioned that most people use MSN, here is a Nokia client capable of handling Google Talk, Skype, MSN, SIP and Twitter.

3. An alternative to Twitter: Jaiku. There something about a coming XMPP support for it in a blog on this planet just days ago.

Good luck with your presentation.


Frank Paul Silye

Anders said...

I would recommend you to hit on Jabber clients for mobile phones. That will give your operators some smell of money :)
Clients, like, which I use and work well), could be demostrated and show how to get connected to other users, even with MSN etc. Then it might get more people to use mobile phones for IM.

Could also look into other services based on XMPP, which isn't available/possible in MSN.

Good luck.

cdubouloz said...

Hi Adam,

I've recently create an account on to test their messenger on website, but i don't find it...

Do you have more information how to use it exactly?

Thanks, Cédric.

Aadaam said...

as for frankps:
It isn't about google talk, it's about local jabber services :) Thanks for the link of Fring (although I prefer Bombus, but Fring is still great! :); Twitter is also jabber-based, and they'll cooperate on jabber - see link on after-meetup post.

as for anders:
Thanks, I know Bombus :) But I emphasized mobile a little more than I thought after your comment. Could you explain which services you thought of?)

(Sorry, I decided to be passive before the meetup, in hope that readers start a discussion; probably I was wrong with your post, I'm really interested in your examples!)

Aadaam said...


It's called "Gyorshivo", (with an accent on the last 'o' and it's under the menu on the left , if it's present: sometimes they just turn it off, I don't know why; most probably they have stability issues - it's really uncomfortable, since first you have to go to the Cimtar (contacts), add new familiar (Uj ismeros felvetele), fill e-mail to a account, save it, then go to Cimtar/Ismeroseim (Contacts/My Contacts), press the eye button (Jelenlet kerese/asking for presence), then the other must respond to a mail, and then, only then perhaps it works.

You say it isn't comfortable? I Agree.

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