Wednesday, June 6, 2007

JsJabber: Educational client in javascript

Here is my educational client, built with PWC and jsjac. It does not have presence changing feature, it just shows how a jabber client could be done. Feel free to use it.

(Was done in a few hours, probably would be good for a quick workshop:)

JsJabber client homepage

(You can test it in Firefox with a Jo-hely (good places) account, registration is free (Hey, my team built it ;)

For those for whom it does not work, a screenshot:


Harlan Iverson said...

I came across an interesting newsgroup thread involving you today, then coincidentally came across your blog from the same Google query.

I started working on an open source project last week using the same tools as this client (JSJaC and Prototype Window... even the same theme, how funny?). It has some extensions to JSJaC like a Roster helper cloned from Smack API and Service Manager helper, and works with transport gatways. The code is on Google Code, and I plan to offer a contribution to JSJaC.

Here's the link, maybe it will be useful to you:

I look forward to future blog entries.

Best Regards,

rameenparis said...

Hey Adam, I'd like to contact you about some job using your jsjabber demo. what's the easiest way? :)

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