Wednesday, June 6, 2007

After-meetup links

Hi all,

So, meetup was held, here are some links:

And here are the five key thoughts I wanted to share, with a very little explanation

  • Innovation: The fact that you can build your own userbase, and run your own independent service with just using standards, and that you can extend them is the key component in success of web 2.0 and GSM-networks (in this case: http, html / xhtml, ecmascript, and oma/3gpp standards)
  • Service-based distinction: Although you could build an own mobile network which outsiders can't use, of course, it will be possible, but I hope that in most cases you still think it ridicolous. You distinct your own users from outsiders by advanced [innovative?] services and prices, not by not allowing them to talk to gmail users just because "it's a rival". [This was a reaction for freemail's closedness]
  • Mash-up: It's better to show your users your own extension protocols (like Gmail does for Gmail notifications and others), so others can remix it; and it's better to use some remixable system like SamePlace, to open a whole new ecosystem of plugins (Note to self: we must find a way to standardise html/http based collaborative application building like which is in sameplace)
  • Word-of-mouth Of course you can't tell everybody to use Jabber (but you possibly have just enough media to place it before your users), and can't officially do an MSN-gateway for a large hosting; but you can let this information spread.
  • At home: Install a jabberserver (like ejabberd or openfire),and try it for yourself

(Presentation and key messages slightly differs!)

As you can see, it's a mashup-point-of-view: it's been a popular theme in Hungary this year, and I think we have seen just enough walled gardens here at home to try if we do it better this way.

Oh, presentation is CC licensed (as all Budapest New Technology Meetup presentations)


Boogie said...

Thanks for your presentation, it was quite motivating for me. I'm sure I'll check Jabber soon. ;)

Kriszta és Balázs said...

And here's your photo on the meetup :-)

Boogie said...

Unfortunately ejabberd has some problems ( with "digest" authentication on my Ubuntu, and I was not able to solve it yet. :(

Aadaam said...

Well, at least I know how OpenFire does authentication :)

Why don't you try external authentication on ejabberd? It's pretty simple, takes a shell script or other executable as an argument. It's easy to do cross-integration with just about anything with this method I think. Btw, this problem could be related to erlang runtime installation (and/or configuration), not the ejabberd server itself - but I hope that ejabberd folks could answer you soon.

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