Saturday, November 10, 2007

Meebo invented everything for us in 2007(?!)

If there would exists a "Jabber Innovation Award 2007" I would definitely give it to Silicon Valley-based Meebo. Their platform, built on top of libgaim and jabber, offers the following things currently:

Pretty awesome list, isn't it?

I recommend to try it for yourself, as I said above, registering a meebo user means effectively having a jabber address - using other systems happen through gaim.

While we're trying to push out new XEPs, they realized two things:

  • Web is the platform you should build on, because it's independent from nearly everything, yet quite popular

  • If you have a disadvantage (being a browser-based client it isn't fashionable for geeks) you better start to innovate.

  • Even if you're based on jabber, you should make sure protocol does not matter: it's the client which does the user experience

If we could only ask them, how they achieved this, and how we could make this a common knowledge of humanity and ourselves!

(The author still dreams of having an open meebo platform-like solution for desktop clients too through standardizing and WebKit/Gecko/CHtmlView)


darly said...

Come on... This is the same group that has broken Jabber MUC in their web GUI for the past 6 months with the addition of their 'chatrooms'.

mcmature said...

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Anonymous said...

that is a good application I have used it for a couple of days and I have to congratulate Meebo team for this app! the only thing that Meebo has not done is Sildenafil Citrate if they manage to do it, they would be the best!