Saturday, July 28, 2007

Jabber aliases / j2j gateway

I have more jabber accounts than an average guy has an e-mail address. As Jabber usage will start to grow, and different communities and organizations will adopt Jabber as their choice of communication technology (rather than today's e-mail, or e-mail-like systems found in forums and social network sites), we'll have to find a way to connect jabber accounts of a person into one (or a few) bundles.

Of course, there exist approaches like Psi's multiple account system, as well as using Gaim, or other MPIM for jabber purposes, but none of them is a real, protocol-level solution.

But we can do this by Jabber-To-Jabber transports, like j2j does.

It's a XEP-0114 compatible jabber component, so it's suitable for most jabber servers.

I was constantly asked for this feature, mostly to connect gmail accounts into a new system, so here it is. Thx for Steve for recommending.


Tony said...

Using j2j, could I login my main Jabber account but at the same time online with my account?

From their wiki, they mentioned they don't support SSL yet, which is required by Google Talk.


Aadaam said...

Yes, you can: Google supports TLS too.

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Anonymous said...

appealing and smart feature, I would be very interested in having a feature like the one you have described or a widget that can do that . I'm working on a widget called Sildenafil and it will allow you do duplicate accounts in an easier way!

metrolick said...

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Anonymous said...

Jabber rules! It's very useful and easy to use. I prefer to use Jabber than download msn or yahoo msn.

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